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Your home is typically the biggest investment you make in a lifetime. Proper home maintenance is a necessity if you want to maintain its value and keep your family and belongings safe. One of the biggest pieces to your home is the roof. Too often, it is overlooked because even though you use it daily, you don’t actually see it. A great way to maintain your roof and maximize its longevity is through professional roof inspection. The best roofing contractors offer home roof inspections free to homeowners. A roofer will check your roof for shingle condition, flashing installation, soft spots, and leaks. In addition, they should review the interior of your roofing system. Roofing contractors check your attic for the right insulation, ventilation set-up, leaks, mildew, and mold. Water damage usually begins long before you see a wet spot on your ceiling. A professional will be able to catch these leaks before they cause major damage to your home.

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Roof inspections are simply inspections that determine the integrity of a roof, how long it may last, and when it will need to be replaced. Roof inspectors are not going to climb up on your roof or the roof of a home you are thinking of buying and pull up shingles or tiles. Roof inspectors have special procedures wherein they can determine the lifespan of a given roof without tearing into it. At first glance, it might seem that roofing inspectors would have to pull up part of the roof to do a thorough examination, but if you consider your own roof, you would not want anyone tearing holes in it just to see if it was in good shape. Roof inspectors also have super-technical techniques like infrared roof inspections where they don’t even have to touch the surface of the roof itself to determine a roof’s integrity.

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Weather emergencies can damage your roof at any moment, and we understand that there is never a good time to sustain critical roof damage. When inclement weather results in critical damage, your whole operation is slowed down, potentially resulting in lost revenue, missed opportunities, and unhappy customers. If severe storm damage is left untreated, your roof will sustain more critical damage as time goes on. Water damage can quickly turn into more serious infrastructure issues like water dripping onto an electrical panel or on other essential equipment.


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